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Things to do in Warminster

Wiltshire market and garrison town situated on the southern edge of the Salisbury Plain

Old Wiltshire market and garrison town, situated on the southern edge of Salisbury Plain. Near to the famous Longleat estate and safari park.

Known for...   Salisbury Plain, Army garrison, River Were, Battlesbury Camp, Longleat and Center Parcs

Did you know...

  • Warminster is on the western edge of Salisbury Plain and the town was first settled in the Saxon period.
  • The surrounding area has the remains of Iron Age earthworks, hill forts and barrow mounds including Battlesbury Camp which is one of the major Iron Age hill forts in Britain.
  • The town has strong military connections and is home to Battlesbury Barracks.



Cley Hill FREE

National Trust - Distinctive landmark rich in wildlife and archaeology with a tremendous panorama.
Cley Hill
BA12 7QU



Smallbrook Meadows FREE

This nature reserve is a mosaic of six small water meadows, wet woodland, marsh, ponds, chalk rivers, hedgerows and ditches.
Smallbrook Road
BA12 9LH


Lake Pleasure Grounds FREE

Tennis courts, a refreshment kiosk, bandstand, boating lake, children’s playground and a Skateboard Park.
BA12 9NP


Cophead Wood FREE

Copheap Wood is a magical wood situated on a hillock to the north of Warminster.
Cop Heap Lane
BA12 0BX


Tropical Park

Parks & Open spaces.
Woodcock Industrial Estate
BA12 9DX



Dunscombe Bottom FREE

Dunscombe Bottom is a stretch of stunning chalk grassland curving across the steep side of a combe on the edge of Salisbury Plain.
BA12 0JF



Footprint Gallery

Museums & Galleries.
4/Chinns Court/Market Pl
BA12 9AN




West Wilts Golf Club

Golf Club.
Elm Hill
BA12 0AU


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