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What is Things to do Near You?

It's is the place to go for great ideas when you find yourself thinking any of the following:

* We're visiting somewhere for the day, what could we do when we get there?
* I need a great hotel or B 'n' B for a weekend away
* So we're on holiday - now what? All we have are these six year old leaflets left by the owner...
* Having lived here for 10 years - is there anything we haven't visited or experienced?
* Mmmm, I'm hungry, where should we grab a bite to eat?

We've designed a smart and simple website to help answer the above questions 24/7 for anywhere in Great Britain. Best of all it works really well with the latest generation of mobiles so the site is easily accessible on the go.

Why was it created?

We looked at what was out there on the web and couldn't find a source of information on places in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that met our following criteria:

* Easy to use and attractive to look at - no information/ad overload here thank you very much
* Consistent coverage (lots of great individual sites for places exist but not nationwide)
* Quality content
* A (really) simple way for people to share their favourite places, eateries, places to stay overnight etc.
* A cost-effective way for local businesses to reach and attract new customers
* Perfect for mobile devices - phones, tablets, netbooks

How does it work?

You type in where are you, where you plan to go, or perhaps where you're thinking of going (it'll accept names of towns, cities, villages or postcodes). It then returns the nearest guide to that specific location - with over 500 places in our database it won't be far. That's it! Nobody reads instruction manuals so we made things so simple it doesn't need one :-)

Pages for towns and cities also have a range of really useful content such as photos of the area, interesting trivia and more. We have tried really hard to make the site the kind of place that's fun to browse and explore.

Everything you need under one roof

One of our key objectives is to provide details of everything a person would need when planning any kind of outing/holiday. Our experience has been that you often have to visit 2 or 3 different sites to make all your arrangements. By having several extensive categories we hope that our users won't have to look anywhere else to make their plans. To aid this, we are constantly adding to each of the categories in order to provide the best choices and opportunities possible.

Because we insist on the highest level of content throughout the site, we hope to become the definitive source of reliable, quality information for every town and city in the UK. Wherever it is a person is going, we want them to know that at Things to do Near You they will get the best information possible. So, whether looking for something to do in St Ives or Aberdeen, we hope our site will become people's first port of call.

User interaction

One of the most fun and exciting aspects of the site is the option to add your own favourite place. You fill out a simple form that takes no more than 30 seconds, we verify the suggestion and if it's somewhere we'd recommend ourselves we add it to the site. By having this feature we allow users to play an integral role in the development of the site and help create a community where people are keen to and enjoy sharing their own recommendations. A bit like a big pub really!

We hope this has explained what we at Things to do Near You are all about. If you do still have any questions feel free to contact us


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